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Paattu koodam – the house of Music is a place where one can pledge time for music to attain divinity.


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Arul Mose is a passionate music lover and voice expert who combines various singing techniques and shares his knowledge with students in order to quench their musical thirst.

Arul Mose was inclined towards music from a very young age and was proficient at the piano by the age of 12.

Arul Mose, a self-made person, started his musical career in the year and has continued his journey till date to spread the musical wave to others. He is versatile in composing unique songs, having made more than 200+ songs.

He debuted as a composer in the 2017 thriller film "Ennodu Vilayadu." and the songs.

Arul Mose has broken the structure of the conventional syllabus pattern of Carnatic singing and framed a contemporary syllabus holding all ethics for his Paattu koodam.

Music School

Founded and Institutionalized by Arul Mose, Music Director (Tamil film Industry) ; Voice expert

    Online classes across the globe - through Web connect. Instructor-led online programs in Indian Music


    Instructor-led Programs that are taught in classrooms


    Joy of music , programs in Tamil Carnatic songs


    programs in Tamil Cinematic Songs


    Learning the keyboard is a great foundation for learning other instruments, Learn how to play the keyboard from top-rated music teachers.

  • Guitar

    Step-by-step beginner guitar lesson series that will teach you how to play guitar from scratch.

Paattu Koodam offers one-to-one online vocal classes that cater to both Tamil and Hindi cinematic vocal as well as Carnatic vocal styles. Led by music director and voice expert Arul Mose, the syllabus includes voice training techniques such as lip and tongue trills, humming warm-ups, and breathing exercises. The classes are open to all ages, with the belief that singing is not just an art form but also a form of therapy. Contact Paattu Koodam to begin your journey towards becoming the next singing sensation.

  • Cinematic Vocal

    A different approach, to teach music especially for young kids.

    For students who desire to hone their voices and singing abilities, Paattu Koodam offers personalised vocal instruction.

    A blend of Carnatic & Cinematic Singing pattern with International Techniques will provide a different feel in the world of Music.

  • Carnatic Vocal

    Carnatic music is one of two significant sub-genres of Indian Classical music that sprang from the ancient Sanatana Dharma sciences and traditions. It is intended to be performed in a gayaki (singing) style, regardless of whether it is played on an instrument.

    The musical trinity of Saint Tyagaraja, Muthuswamy Dikshitar, and Syama Sastry serves as the firm foundation for the Carnatic vocal form as it is taught today. Since all Carnatic music is devotional in character and not only for entertainment, it aims to raise both the performer's and the audience's consciousness.

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